Periodontics – Gum Treatment

periodontics - gm treatments

Healthy Gums Make Happy Smiles

The best way to control bacteria is with good daily home care and routine dental cleanings.  However, there may be certain times where the bacterial in the gums creates an infection which would need more attention.  It is necessary to first evaluate how serious the infection is.  The general approach is to do something called a Scaling and Root Planning.  This is where we go below the gums a physically remove calcified build up and bacterial.  Then we let the body’s immune system kick in and monitor the healing process for up to a year.  Once the gums have fully healed, the patient resumes a normal cleaning routine.

If you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Inflamed, red gums
  • Pain or discomfort along the gum-line
  • Gums that easily bleed
  • Spaces forming between the teeth
  • Teeth that feel loose
  • Tooth loss
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